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  I offer personal training and exercise programs to both individuals and small groups delivered both in person as well as remotely/virtually.
       I also offer nutritional coaching through the ProCoach app which was developed by the smart folks at Precision Nutrition, the leading nutrition coaching program/service in the world. 
      My objective is to help people feel better, look better, move better and perform better. Frequently, those goals overlap and intersect. 
   In person I do my training at Lifetime Athletic in Ardmore, Pa. It is a state of the art, comprehensive fitness/ health clubfacility that offers everything from spa services to a cafe to group fitness to personal training. The facility is located at 40 E. Montgomery Ave., Ardmore, Pa. 19003.
     For virtual or remote training I use  ProCoach for nutrition coaching. ProCoach is a subsidiary of Precision Nutrition which is the leader in personal nutrition coaching. 
    For personal training/exercise programming on a remote basis I use the TrueCoach app which is a virtual training platform that allows me to deliver training programming to clients in a remote fashion. 
     Some of my passions/ areas of focus include, but are not limited to: 
1. Athletic/performance training for athletes of all ages and levels
2. Assessments/testing: "if you aren't assessing you are guessing" so I believe we have to establish baselines in relevant areas for the client in order to track progress as well as make adjustments where necessary
3. "Functional training": if ever there was an overused, vague term this would be one near the top in our field. But the point is that strength training is not limited to traditional tools like barbells and dumbbells but includes a myriad of tools both new and old: kettlebells, bodyweight/gymnastics type exercises, suspension trainers (think TRX), Medicine balls, bands, etc. You get the idea. No one tool is perfect for everyone or every situation so having access to, and experience , a variety of exercise modalities is a good thing. 
4. Power training: I believe everyone, regardless of age/condition/background, should incorporate some form of power training in their programming. We lose power (the ability to exert force quickly) nearly twice as fast as we lose strength (the ability to exert force w/o regard to time) . And though many would think power training isn't relevant to them what do you think is most critical to fall prevention, for example?!?
5. Golf/rotational sport training: I am TPI certified (Titlelist Performance Institute) as well as Superspeed Level 3 certified so I work with golfers in specific as well as other rotational athletes like baseball athletes and racquet sports athletes. The principles are very similar if not precisely the same. 

  It is best to contact me at: [email protected] or call or text me at: 484-432-6577.

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Old Man Strength & Fitness

  As an FYI the website heading/domain name is a bit self-deprecating/tongue in cheek as it's how I'm frequently referred to by my  younger colleagues as I'm usually old enough to be their grand father. In fact, my own kids are all older than most of my colleagues. 
   But on a more serious note, I've been training athletes from Middle School to D-1 in some 15+ different sports for over 35 years. I also have trained general population clients from 8-80+ from a variety of backgrounds as well as interests. 
  My training philosophy is built around the idea that first we should move as well as we can and then we should move more often as the folks at Functional Movement Systems like to say. 
    And moving well doesn't mean perfectly but what is optimal for you given your current situation, your exercise/movement history and injury history. The idea is, though, that the situation is not static and you are working on making improvement or the opposite. 
   Movement is medicine and it's a daily prescription of movement that will go a long way to improving/maintaining your health and fitness as well as improving your quality of life. 
  My background includes 35+ years of training/coaching experience. I am also still a very active athlete myself playing "old man" baseball (not softball!), national level squash, skiing, cycling and training. I also started and am still coaching the Interscholastic squash program at the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, Pa. We haven't finished any worst than 3rd in the nation for the last 10 years and won two national championships in 2015.   On the education side of things the following are some of my credentials:
1. MS in Exercise Science with a Concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention
2. "Major" certifications include: NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist), NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), TPI (Titlelist Performance Institute) Level 1 coach, FMS (Functional Movement Screen)Level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 2 certified Coach, US Track & Field Level 2 coach in Jumps/Hurdles/Sprints,US Squash Level 1 Coach

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Personal training/small group training for athletes and general population clients. Also, nutrition coaching. All can be done either in person or remotely