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Hi! I hope you find what you're looking for on my website but if not please reach out: [email protected] I am always open to new ideas and content. Thanks for visiting. 

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  Thanks for checking out my website. I hope you find it useful and informative. You can also follow/friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter: @brucelkelly, and connect with me on LinkedIn. I am  working on my Instagram account!
    Also, , I write a twice weekly newsletter. If you're interested in that, please send me your email so I can add you to the subscriber list: bkellylimerick@ gmail.com. Enjoy!
   By the way the domain name/link is a tongue in cheek reference to one of my nicknames as I am literally older than virtually all of my colleagues parents and all of my kids are older than most of the training staff. Have to maintain your sense of humor, don't you?!?

  Bruce Kelly, MS, CSCS,CFSC is a personal trainer,strength & conditioning coach, performance coach and nutrition coach. I have 35+ years of experience training both a variety of general population clients as well as athletes of all ages and levels from Middle School to D-1. 
   My philosophy is built around functional movement. And that covers a wide spectrum of possibilities from sprint work to Olympic lifting to kettlebell exercises and everything in between.  Granted that term "functional training" is a cliche and much overused term(not to mention vague) but in other words how well do you do the fundamental patterns of movement which we all do on a daily basis(at least hopefully!). These patterns are the foundation of all movement from the simplest to the most complex and demanding. Then  the goal is to  help you enhance and build on your movement baseline so that you move better, feel better, look better and perform better. These 4 goals aren't mutually exclusive and frequently overlap. 


What Do I Offer?

Learn more about what I do in this summary. 

  I do both live training with individuals one on one and small groups as well as virtual on-line training with individuals and small groups as well. I have also worked with teams in the past and am open to that possibility as well.
   My range of services includes  personal training, strength and conditioning work for athletes, nutrition coaching, movement assessment and performance testing. 
     As mentioned above I have worked with clients from 8-80+ and with conditions from Parkinson's to joint replacement to ACL injuries to MS, cancer survivors, etc. At last count I also have trained athletes in 20+ sports in helping to make them more resilient and better athletes. 
   Most of my "live" training I do at Lifetime Athletic Ardmore in Ardmore, Pa. 
   My virtual training is done on-line, obviously and through an app. 
      Nutrition coaching is done through the ProCoach app which is based on the principles of Precision Nutrition, one of the leading nutrition coaching/education sites in the world. 
     In either case, I can be reached at: bkellylimerick@gmail or text/phone at: 484-432-6577

A Rogue's Gallery of Photos

Here are some photos to inspire and motivate you. 

Step sprints are no joke!

Chin-ups/pull-ups: squats for the upper body

Yoga can provide both mobility and stress relief benefits. 

Battling ropes are a good metabolic conditioning tool. Fun, too!

Strength is Key and Fundamental

If you can skip then it's likely you move well. Skipping is great for a dynamic warmup. 


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Personal training/small group training for athletes and general population clients. Also, nutrition coaching. All can be done either in person or remotely